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New Favorite Thing: Kitchen Composting

The Mister and I generally try to be green-hearted, do-gooders… but despite our efforts, I have a confession to make– we are real bad at keeping up with the composting. I’ll start out all bright-eyed and brave, armed with an aluminum bowl or retrofitted milk jug plopping in the first  round of used coffee grounds, then a banana peel or two, then the inevitable onion scraps. And I’m all like

And then a few days later, the fruit flies start showing up.


And instead of you know, bringing it outside to the larger composting pile, I give up and throw it out.

BUT NOT ANYMORE! Check it out! At the last Freret Market we picked up one of these bad boys for a whopping $12.50 from local non-profit Nola Green Roots.

Keeps composting in the can-do column, and the flies outta the kitchen.

DISCLAIMER: I am really excited about this thingamajig and I just really wanted to tell you about it. The folks at Freret Market and Nola Green Roots don’t know me and they’re not giving me any money to tell you about this stuff. Just genuine, green-hearted goodness shared.

Have a great one!


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Designer, Maker and Doer. Native Oklahoman, making a home in New Orleans.

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